Welcome to Braving Controversy

Currently, this site is an informal social experiment. The main purpose of developing this site is to learn how to navigate controversial material online more effectively.

There are two main types of posts on this blog: (a) argumentative and/or informative posts addressing a topic, (b) posts aimed at improving the way we process ideas and brave controversy. In type-a posts, the author strives to actively participate in the journey of braving controversy by bringing forth arguments rooted in critical thinking. Sources, counterarguments, and peer-editing are encouraged. Posts are not bias free. They are constructed through an author’s worldview, crafted for a particular audience, and provide an opportunity for actively braving controversy. Type-b posts reflect on the process of braving controversy. Topics include, but are not limited to, bias and sourcing. Stories of the process of navigating controversy, including personal struggles, are also welcome. Inclusion of type-b posts recognizes the need for support and sensitivity toward all journeyers who choose to brave the discomfort of navigating controversy.

Personal note about the creator

My name is Samuel Eshleman Latimer. One of my main areas of focus both academically and personally is the inner process of navigating controversy. During late childhood, I recall my naive attempts to explore complex philosophical topics by depending on Google. Not surprisingly, I was bombarded by ad hominem attacks and manipulative pathos. Children are not typically trained in the art of online research. My ability to handle controversy improved over the years, but this burgeoning skill never caught up with the daunting reality of online information overload. Years later, I learned that there are adults that feel just like I did as a child. Some journeyers are deeply fearful of encountering another viewpoint, some are emotionally exhausted by the breadth of information, and some have given up on the process of uncovering deeper approximations of what is true.

Despite this reality, I am discovering that there are benefits to learning how to navigate controversy well. Deeper meaning awaits beneath the tension, underneath hours of wrestling and critical thought. That is why I choose to embrace the process of Braving Controversy. The journey is messy and complex, but it does not need to be a solitary process. If you share this vision or remain intrigued, you are welcome here.

Note about the authors

When creating this site, my vision is that this blog will be a group endeavor. Authors are welcome to craft and shape their posts without censorship, adhering to the importance of critical thinking and sensitivity. Each author is responsible for her or his thoughts in a given post. When posting, the author shares in the ownership of the site. Comments regarding each post should be directed to the author. Currently, authorship is not “open” to the public, primarily because this site is still being developed and constructed. Nevertheless, if you have specific feedback, questions, or want to be an author, do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts.

As a closing note, I want to offer a special thank you to everyone who has made this site possible. First, thank you to the authors for your thoughtful posts and active participation. Second, thank you to readers who, in one way or another, are developing the courage to brave controversy. Finally, I want to extend a special thank you to Micah, my brother and web developer.