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Braving Controversy Online: Social Media and Critical Thought

June 13, 2021
As I am learning to navigate controversy, I am increasingly aware that much of the ideological discussion surrounding controversial topics is currently taking place on social media platforms. Social media is a messy arena to brave controversy. To take a closer look at why the process is so complex, let’s start by thinking about Facebook as a business and as a platform that influences the way social conflict dynamics play out.

Reflections on Clinical Psychology and Spirituality

January 6, 2020
We gathered together to wrestle with the intersection of clinical psychology and spirituality. This blog post provides a compilation of words of wisdom that emerged from our conversations during Fall 2019. If a topic intrigues you, connect with us to expand the discussion.

The Bully-Victim Spectrum

July 25, 2019
When I decided to communicate with one of the boys (now men) who bullied me in Elementary School, I neglected to think critically about my purpose for choosing this interaction. Although a part of me wanted to reach a deeper level of reconciliation with him, there was another part of me that simply wanted to self-verify that he was still a jerk. Not surprisingly, my accusations were pretty inaccurate. Over time, I began to learn that he was a person with needs and pains as deep as my own.

Science, Spirituality, and Dualistic Fundamentalism

June 20, 2019
At some point on the learning journey, many scientists and philosophically-inclined students are apt to wrestle with the relationship between science and spirituality. When we feel tension regarding the relationship between science and spirituality, we may adopt a variety of beliefs, whether through conscious deliberation or acceptance of the status quo.

Faith and Doubt: The Uncertainty of It All

May 13, 2019
Certainty, at least with the biggest and most important aspects of life (whether it is starting a business, a marriage, a family) is a myth.[^2] If one is certain of their beliefs, then it is no longer faith but something else entirely.

Exploring Controversy Online

March 12, 2019
Living in a First-World nation in the 21st century, most of us have access to an exorbitant amount of information. If you are reading this post, then you are one of over 4.1 billion human beings that are estimated to have access to the Internet.[^1] This estimate is the result of a staggering 1,052% increase in Internet users from 2000 to 2018. As the number of users mushrooms, so does the bulk of information that is disseminated on the Web.

Natural Selection: Rough and Essential?

January 16, 2019
When I first studied “natural selection,” the immediate thought that would cross my mind is, “nature’s selection.” Organisms that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to reproduce. These are the creatures that nature selects. Without a doubt, mother nature’s choices seem harsh. This was my initial judgement when I began to explore the philosophical and spiritual implications of evolution.

Complexities of Abortion, Reproductive Rights, and Motherhood

December 18, 2018
“No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.”[^1] I don’t write this from the perspective of pro-life or pro-choice, but rather in an attempt to dive deeply into a complex issue. I write this to illustrate a vital point that abortion is a downstream issue due to failures upstream in our culture. Tammy Bruce in a speech at Columbia University on April 6, 2005 stated frankly, “With every kind of birth control available in the world, abortion is not something to be proud of. If you need an abortion, you’ve failed.” Or rather, the system has failed.

Porn and Sex Trafficking

October 27, 2018

Conversations about pornography—in secular and religious circles—often emphasize the effect of pornography on the viewer. We ask questions like, does pornography promote sexism or violence in the consumer? Or, does pornography affect the viewer’s sex drive? Although this particular focus is born of good intention, the fate of the actress (or actor[^1]) is often neglected. Examining pornographic work in further depth may alter our entire perception of the industry. Our perception may shift away from the idea that pornography is abstract crude entertainment and toward the idea that pornography has major implications for the way we live our lives. Finding that deeper reality is only possible if we listen to the stories of pornographic actresses.